Financial Planning

Future First Difference

Future First offers you the benefit of nearly 50 years local experience gained at the profession’s highest levels.

Our specific skills reflect the depth and breadth of that experience. Our professional skills and qualifications are continually updated to keep pace with your current expectations and needs. In addition Future First offers you a unique advantage – personal service, enthusiasm and close attention to your specific requirements.

Financial Experts

At Future First , we pride ourself on the depth of knowledge our team brings to the industry.

Our team of financial experts are well versed specialists in all facets of financial planning, superannuation, retirement planning and business development strategies.

Working with a wide range of clientele, from personal wealth creation to private enterprise, the team will help you with your financial planning strategies and advice.

Our Seven Steps to an Effective Financial Plan:

Meet with you for an initial consultation
Collect all information we need from you.
Identify your goals and assess your current financial situation.
Determine your attitude towards risk.
Consider issues and strategies. Examples are taxation, social security, estate planning, retirement planning, managed investments etc.
Develop & implement a sound financial plan.
We review your plan periodically, to ensure it continues to serve your needs.